Thursday, September 4, 2014

The sly fox tribe introduction

The Separation from Mainstream American Society

Hello, I go by the name of Mr. Foxy on this website.

There are many essays indentifying the flaws of American Society but this one is mine. Do not expect to read an impeccably written rant by yours truly. It will most likely be viewed as mediocre craftsmanship. However, the content is invaluable to many who share the same disdain for the modern life of the commoner.

Are you tired of working under someone or some company that limits your freedom to an unacceptable amount? Are you tired of working just to get by? Are you tired of being lonely due to the structure of society? Have you become disenchanted with the consumerist lifestyle? Do you think our current financial and life support system is becoming more unstable each year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then joining an eco village may be the answer to your woes.

The embarrassing confession

I have never physically visited an eco village, granted I have done hours of research and thinking on the topic. I plan to visit some of these communal areas very soon.

Back to the main topic

To be frank, I’m fucking tired of mainstream society. My plain right now is to work until I have enough money to buy land with 3 other like minded people. Once our collective homestead is established we would branch out into an eco village with more people.  This eco village would be very similar to many others in terms of founding principles (respect, mindfulness, etc.)

How it would be different from some of the others

Social structure- 4 of the founding leaders would divide into sub villages and have “more” of a voice than the newer members, like a democracy of sorts

IT WOULD BE HIPPY FRIENDLY.  It would be friendly to hippy ideas and lifestyle choices. You must contact me personally to get more information on this. However, let’s just say choosing to build the eco village in draconian states such as Texas is out of the question.  And no, this eco village would not be doing anything that would throw you in jail.

Parents- Having children would be discouraged. Overpopulation is a huge issue. Having more than 2 children would be instant expulsion from the community.  Sorry folks, 7 billion people is too many for our little blue orb to handle.  And for the love of Christ don’t try to justify having a kid by claiming he’s going to be carbon positive or somehow save the world. However, up to 2 biological children per couple would be tolerated.

Pets would be allowed- 2 dogs or cats per couple would be allowed, provided that they are well behaved.

Health care- Health care would IDEALY be provided to all members. This is a goal to reach for.

Temporary leave- If a member wishes to leave for several years to earn money they can. However, their dwelling may be used by others during that time.

Education- The eco village would serve as an educational hub for those interested in sustainability.

Finances- Financial income for everyone would IDEALY be provided to each member through the eco village business ventures.  (Plant nursery, tours, permie designing, classes, woodcarving, yoga, retreats, hosting festivals)

Work- Members are expected to help to grow their own food or do other essential functions for 20 hours a week.


Social support
Food security
Possible income
Very very low cost housing
“escaping” the rat race

To be continued…..

Thursday, August 28, 2014

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